SwingBed Services


Nikki Bowen




Monday - Friday: 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

We pledge to make our motto- Caring hands, Caring heart, a part of every patient's experience.
JoAnn Baker

Swing Bed Rehabilitation is a medical program that provides transitional care after patients have completed the acute phase of their recovery. Our treatment goals include improvement of balance, increase range of motion, education for patients and family to assist with adjustments to lifestyle changes, reduce limitations to mobility and self-care and achievement of maximum level of independence and quality of life. Basically, we want you well and strong enough to go home and take care of your-self.

Therapy services offered include physical therapy to help build your strength, occupational therapy to help you function within your limitations, and speech therapy to help you communicate effectively with your loved ones. Other services provided include nursing, IV therapy, wound care, dietary, respiratory, radiology and laboratory. Our Swingbed provides extended recovery with the convenience of being close to home.