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We pledge to make our motto- Caring hands, Caring heart, a part of every patient's experience.
JoAnn Baker

Business Office Services: Doctors Memorial Hospital is certified for Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and we welcome most private insurances. It is out goal to ensure all accounts are billed properly to the correct payer. Before billing, all inpatient, observation and surgery charts go through a thorough audit by each department of the hospital. We want to make sure your account charges are accurate before billing your insurance.

Our business office can answer questions regarding what tests are covered by your insurance. We can also explain how your account is billed and how we can bill your secondary insurance if applicable. Feel free to contact our Business Office if we can be of assistance. We are happy to serve you and your healthcare needs.

Patient Financial Services: Admissions is the first point of contact for patients receiving hospital services at Doctors Memorial Hospital. Whether the patient is at the hospital for elective services, scheduled surgery, outpatient services or an emergency room visit, registration is required.

The Business Office is responsible for sending out all claims and statements and for monitoring the activity on all accounts. We work with patients, other hospital departments and physicians to ensure that bills are accurate. We make every effort to be efficient and yet maintain the integrity of the account. We are very conscientious about protecting the confidentiality of the patient by not giving out any information regarding an account to anyone other than the patient, unless the patient has signed a release. Our office is also responsible for identifying over payments on accounts and initiating the refund process. Please be aware that healthcare costs vary between providers, and there may be facilities that charge more or less than Doctors Memorial Hospital.

BCBS of Florida
United Healthcare Commercial
United Healthcare Medicare and Medicaid
Wellcare Medicare
Sunshine Health
Simply Health Plans

Click here for information regarding Doctors Memorial Hospital's Financial Assistance and Discount Policy.

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For information on service bundles, please visit Service bundles are non-personalized estimates of costs that may be incurred for hospital services, and include all components of care, such as physician, ancillary and hospital payments. Actual costs will be based on services actually provided, and may be more or less than the estimates found on FloridaHealthPriceFinder.

If you would like to receive a personalized estimate, please contact a representative at (850) 547-8015. In addition, you should contact the health care providers anticipated to provide services while you are in the hospital to obtain an estimate of their costs, inquire about their billing practices, and determine if they participate in your health plan.

Please be aware that providers at Doctors Memorial Hospital may bill separately for their services, and those providers may or may not be in the same health plan as the hospital. Please contact your provider to determine which plans they are participating with.